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Information on Dropping Courses

  • The deadline to drop a course for Spring 2017 is Monday, March 27, at 5pm.
  • In order to drop a course, students must submit a Schedule Revision Form with advisor signature to the Registrar’s Office in Wilbur Cross by this deadline.
  • Please use class schedule information found on your Student Admin to fill out the form. Example is below:

Drop Form Tutorial

  • Students who are dropping more than one course this semester, must also obtain dean’s signature from the CLAS Academic Services Center.
  • All students who drop a course between the 3rd and 9th weeks of the semester will receive a “W” on their transcript for “withdrawal”.
  • The “W” on your transcript maintains your full-time status.        

If you receive financial aid, please stop by the Financial Aid Office in Wilbur Cross to ask if you will still be compliant with their Satisfactory Academic Progress rule: Students must earn a minimum of 75% of the cumulative attempted credits. Courses that receive a grade of W count toward attempted, but not earned credits.

  • It is recommended that you follow up by scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor about how this drop may impact your graduation requirements.
  • International students who wish to drop below 12 credits must submit a Reduced Course Load Authorization form to International Student & Scholar Services for approval. International students may only take a reduced course load once.


Registration Info for Summer 2017

  • Summer Course Registration & Biology Offerings: 

    Summer registration begins on March 22. Find information, including session dates and fees, at:

    You can search summer course offerings for all the UConn campuses through Student Admin. Many courses will fill quickly so be sure to register soon if there are courses you need to take this summer.

    A list of the summer courses that will be offered at the Storrs campus by the EEB, MCB and PNB Departments is here. Please refer to Student Admin for course descriptions, pre-requisites, dates/times, etc.

    Summer Transfer Courses: If you are planning to take courses elsewhere during the summer, you must verify that these will transfer back to UConn and count towards your degree.

    If you are taking summer classes at another institution in Connecticut, use this database to verify how credits will transfer.

    If you are taking courses out-of-state, you must get prior course approval from Transfer Admissions.  The approval process is completed through your Student Admin account.

    Summer Registration Hold – mid-May – mid-July: All current UConn students will have a hold on their Student Admin accounts between mid-May and mid-July. During this time frame—Summer Orientation–you will be unable to change your fall schedule.


Registration Info for Fall 2017

  • It is time to begin planning your fall, 2017 schedule. Registration begins for seniors on March 20, the day you return from spring break, but everyone should check their own enrollment appointment/pick time.  Your exact enrollment appointment is posted in the Student Center of your Student Admin account; use these instructions if you aren’t sure how to find your enrollment appointment.

    There are many resources that can help you track graduation requirements and enroll in courses.  These include your Academic Requirements page in Student Admin, pages 3 and 4 of the Biology Advising Syllabus (, and the “How to Register” tech training video/powerpoint (

    Courses in EEB, MCB and PNB fill quickly so make the best use of your enrollment appointment. You should also take advantage of waitlists in Student Admin–if you are initially unable to enroll–which are available for many of these courses. The Dynamic Class Search provides information on reserved seats and waitlists.

    Restriction on Repeating Certain Courses:

    Any student who has taken and passed (or is currently taking) any of the courses listed below will be blocked from registering to repeat them until the end of preregistration (on or around April 7): CHEM 1127Q, 1128Q, 2443, 2444; MATH 2110Q, 2210Q, 2410Q; MCB 2000, 2410, 2610; PNB 2264, 2274.

    If you have questions, please contact the CLAS Academic Services Center at 860-486-2822 or


    Most of you do not have an advising hold and will be able to enroll in classes beginning on your enrollment appointment.  All students should check to ensure they don’t have any other types of holds (Bursar’s, etc.) that will restrict them from enrolling. The right-hand side of your Student Center will indicate whether you have a hold.

    If you have an advising hold (see below), you should schedule an appointment to meet with your assigned advisor or the CLAS Academic Services Center (depending on who placed the hold).

    Rising Juniors and Seniors: The “Not Anymore” program will be required for all undergraduate students who have earned 54 credits by the end of the semester.  A registration hold will be in place for Fall 2017 courses until a student completes the program and earns a 75% on the post test.

    Transfer Students: Our office will not place a hold on your account but we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.

    Recent Major Change Students: Our office will not place a hold on your account but we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.

    Campus Change Students: Our office will not place a hold on your account but we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.  If you have not attended a campus change session with the CLAS Academic Services Center, a hold has been placed by their office.

    Students in the Honors Program who have faculty advisors: If you have an advising hold, you must make an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor.

    Students on Academic Probation: You must meet with an advisor in the CLAS Academic Services Center ( to have your hold removed.

    Double Major or Dual Degree Students: You may have a hold from your other major, so you should meet with your advisor in that discipline.

    Advising Appointments: Even if you do not have an advising hold, your advisor in the Biology Advising Center is happy to discuss potential coursework with you.  However, we WILL NOT advise you about your proposed schedule via email so do not send a list of courses you intend to take.  If you would like to discuss your proposed courses ahead of your enrollment appointment do not wait until the last minute to try to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to get an appointment before your enrollment date, register for classes on your own and make an appointment with your advisor to review your spring schedule before you go home for the summer.

    How to schedule an appointment if needed:

    Honors Courses: Honors courses are listed online at: If you are in the Honors Program, check this list in the coming weeks to pick honors classes for Fall 2017.

Dynamic Class Search: Find Unreserved (OPEN) Seats

Are you receiving an error message on Student Admin that all seats are reserved? Use the Dynamic Class Search to search for classes with open seats.

This online tool will help you view class availability and show you which class sections have unreserved and reserved seats for specific student populations (such as honors students or majors). Pay attention to the “unreserved available” column on the top right hand side for sections with open seats for any student (not reserved seats).