Fall Graduates
  • TBA
Spring Graduates:
  • Apply to graduate and submit a Final Plan of Study by 2/14.
Winter Graduates:
  • TBA
August Graduates:
  • August graduates need to apply to graduate by 2/14 if they plan to walk in the May Commencement Ceremony.
  • Final Plan of Study is due by 4/28.
  • Please enroll in summer classes before submitting your Final Plan of Study. 

To ensure a smooth graduation, please follow these steps:

  1. Review your Academic Requirements Report (“Advisement Report”) in Student Admin to ensure you have satisfied all your graduation requirements.
  2. Apply to graduate through your Student Admin account.
  3. Submit your online Final Plan of Study for your major. This becomes available under Academic Requirements after you have applied to graduate in Student Admin. Once you submit your plan of study online, it is sent to your advisor for approval and then to the Registrar’s Office for final approval. Honors students, please note: This plan of study is in addition to the Honors Scholar Final Plan of Study due at the end of your last semester.
    • Special note regarding Relateds:
      • If you are majoring in BIOL, EEB, or MCB, the only green highlight on your Final Plan of Study (other than Catalog Year) may be the Related Group if you do not have 12 credits of pre-approved Relateds on your Academic Requirements Report. In order to gain advisor approval for your Related courses that are not included in the pre-approved list, please include these courses in the comments box when submitting your final plan of study.
      • If you are majoring in PNB or BPHYS, you should have no green highlighted areas (other than Catalog Year) because these majors have required Relateds that automatically appear on your Academic Requirements report.
  4. Make sure minors, double majors, and/or additional degrees are declared. Cancel any additional plans you are no longer pursuing.
  5. Submit online final plans of study for any minors, double majors, and/or additional degrees you are pursuing. You will be automatically prompted to submit these after submitting your final plan of study for your biology major (#3 above).
  6. View the following resources for seniors: