Currently there are no open seats. Seats are reserved for incoming students during summer orientation. On Dynamic Class Search, the “reserve capacity available” is for “RC Block Enrollment section.” RC Block Enrollment sections are sections where seats are reserved for incoming students during summer orientation.

We recommend that you enroll in a back-up course for your major if you are currently unable to enroll in BIOL 1108. Please view your advisement report on Student Admin. If you are a rising sophomore, you may still need core requirements for your major. Some 2000 EEB and MCB courses only require BIOL 1107 as the prerequisite. For instance, EEB 2214, MCB 2210, MCB 2400, MCB 2410 only require BIOL 1107 as a prerequisite. Check your advisement report to see if any of these courses will fulfill a core requirement or if you can use these courses as related courses for your major.

Follow-up with your advisor if you are unsure of back-up courses for your major.

Lastly, seats may open in BIOL 1108 in the coming weeks or at the end of the summer. Use the Dynamic Class Search to see if there are any sections with unreserved seats for these classes.

Dynamic Class Search will help you view class availability and show you which class sections have unreserved and reserved seats for specific student populations (such as honors students, majors, or seats reserved for Block Enrollment ). Please pay attention to the “unreserved available” column on the top right hand side for sections with open seats for any student (not reserved seats).