2019 New Student Checklist


Incoming biology students please use the  2019 New Student Checklist to review important advising information. This checklist also includes info about advising workshops for first- year students.


First-year students need to attend only one workshop.



Fall 2019 Biology Advising Workshops Schedule:

  • TBA in early fall
  • Sign-Up HERE (online registration will open during the fall semester)

How to Swap Classes after Orientation

Welcome to UConn!

At orientation, we helped you create a class schedule to meet your academic requirements. However, from July 26-September 9, students can swap classes without a “W” (for withdrawal) notation on their transcript.

We don’t recommend dropping major classes without first speaking with your advisor. However, students can swap sections or general education courses or times on their own. Again, SWAP; DON’T DROP!

Below are useful tutorials that show you how to add/drop/swap classes:

2019 Summer Registration Hold for Current Students

All current UConn students will have a hold on their Student Admin accounts from May 18 to July 26. During this time frame—Summer Orientation–you will be unable to change your fall schedule. Students are recommended to finalize their schedule prior to May 18.

Students will have the opportunity to revise their schedules beginning on July 26 until September 9. During this time, students can add/drop/swap classes.



Are you unable to enroll in BIOL 1108?

Currently there are no open seats. Use the Dynamic Class Search in Student Admin to search for unreserved seats. The “Reserved Capacity Available” for “RC Block Enrollment section” are seats that are reserved for incoming students during summer orientation. Seats may open in BIOL 1108 in the coming weeks or at the end of the summer. For Biological Sciences majors BIOL 1110, Introduction to Botany, will fulfill the BIOL 1108 requirement and seats remain available in this class.

We recommend that you enroll in a back-up course for your major if you are currently unable to enroll in BIOL 1108. Please view your advisement report in Student Admin.  Some 2000-level EEB, MCB and PNB courses require only BIOL 1107 as the prerequisite. Some examples are EEB 2100E, EEB 2214, EEB 2250, MCB 2210, MCB 2400, MCB 2410, and PNB 2274. 

Follow-up with your advisor if you are unsure of appropriate back-up courses for your major.


Dynamic Class Search: Find Unreserved (OPEN) Seats

Are you receiving an error message on Student Admin that all seats are reserved? Use the Dynamic Class Search to search for classes with open seats.

This online tool will help you view class availability and show you which class sections have unreserved and reserved seats for specific student populations (such as honors students or majors). Pay attention to the “unreserved available” column on the top right hand side for sections with open seats for any student (not reserved seats).


Transferring Credit to UConn

Summer Transfer Courses: If you are planning to take courses elsewhere during the summer, you must verify that these will transfer back to UConn and count towards your degree.

If you are taking summer classes at another institution in Connecticut, use this database to verify how credits will transfer.

If you are taking courses out-of-state, you must get prior course approval from Transfer Admissions.  The approval process is completed through your Student Admin account.


**Make an appointment with your advisor to request a substitution if you have transfer credits in EEB, MCB, or PNB that can count towards the 24 credits in your major.