Fall 2020 Mandatory Online Advising Video for First-Year Students

All first-year students (freshmen) in the biological sciences are required to watch an online advising video to prepare for registration and become familiar with graduation requirements. 

An advising hold is placed on your account if you are a freshman, and you won’t be able to register for spring 2021 classes. This hold is removed when you have watched the video online and completed the short quiz. New transfer students are welcome to watch the video but a hold isn’t placed on your account.   

The biology advising video has been posted on Husky CT. Below are instructions: 


  1. Log into Husky CT and click on “courses” 
  2. Click on “Biology Advising Workshop for First Year Students” 
  3. View the “Advising Workshop with Quiz” 
  4. Please watch the entire video and complete the quick quiz 
Once you watch the video, your hold will be removed. This hold is the hold that states “see your advisor”. Please note that you are not required to meet with an advisor to enroll in classes after watching the video, but you can schedule appointments with your assigned advisor on Nexus. Your assigned advisor is listed on your Student Admin in your student center.