Minors FAQs

Questions and Answers Regarding Minors:

Q: Can I have several minors in Biology?

No, that’s not allowed. Students can’t earn a minor in Biological Sciences in addition to minors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, or Physiology and Neurobiology.



Q: Can I get a minor in the same department as my major?

No, that is not allowed. An MCB major cannot receive an MCB minor, for example. But you can minor in a department closely related to your major; an EEB major can minor in MCB, and vice versa. A student majoring in Biological Sciences can obtain a minor in EEB or MCB.

Q: My major includes several courses in another department, and several of those courses are on the list of required courses for the minor. Do those courses still count towards the minor?

It depends on which minor you choose. The Bioinformatics minor policy states that “credits used to satisfy minimum requirements for the student’s major may not be used towards the 15 credits for the Bioinformatics minor.” However, other biology minors do allow you to use courses to count towards both major and minor requirements. For example, pharmacy students are required to take MCB 2610 (Microbiology) and MCB 2000 (Biochemistry), both of which are required courses for the MCB minor. By taking two more appropriate MCB courses, a pharmacy student can qualify for an MCB minor. Refer to the minor plan of study forms for specific restrictions.

Q: How do I declare a minor?