The Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Office provides advice and guidance to students interested in applying to medical, physician assistant, or dental schools. Click on advising appointments to view information on pre-med/pre-dental advisors and to schedule appointments.

Academic Advisors in the Biology Advising Center can provide general advice and answer basic questions about pre-med/pre-dental. However, we recommend that you see the pre-med or pre-dental advisor for specific information.

Here are some general tips and information for students interested in Pre-Med/Pre-Dental:

  • Students don’t “major” in pre-med or pre-dental at UCONN. Rather, students take specific recommended coursework in order to apply to medical, physician assistant, or dental schools.
  • Become familiar with competitive GPA requirements and the application process.
  • Biology is a popular major for pre-med/pre-dental students. However, students can major in any major and take pre-med/pre-dental coursework. We encourage you to explore the right major for you. With over 110 majors at UCONN, you can find the ideal major to complement your pre-med/pre-dental goals!
  • Attend workshops for pre-med/pre-dental to learn about admission requirements, the application process, and much more. Workshop information is found on the pre-med/pre-dental office website.
  • Visit the  pre-med or pre-dental advisor on a regular basis throughout your academic career. Start as early as first year.
  • Research health related professions. Many students after careful consideration, realize that they would like a career in the health field but that medical or dental school isn’t necessarily the best path for them. Here is a great link to help you explore health careers.