Research Courses

Several aspects of the undergraduate research experience in EEB are the result of cooperative efforts with the 2 other biology departments, Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) and Physiology & Neurobiology (PNB). The freshman and sophomore research seminars are listed under BIOL rather than EEB so that they are open to ALL interested biology students, regardless of their departmental affiliation. Also note that these courses are open to both Honors and Non-Honors students.

Seminar Courses:

Biology 1109 (002): Topics in Modern Biology. This is a companion course to Biology 1108 (Introductory Biology II) and is taught by faculty in the EEB Department. Each week a different EEB faculty member or graduate student speaks to the class about his or her research. The course includes an orientation to the library research resources and research facilities within the department. The format varies by instructor, but students are generally required to provide written summaries of the research programs of speakers or uses of research facilities after having sought additional information from primary literature. Meets 1 hour, once a week, 1 credit.

Biology 2289: Introduction to Undergraduate Research. Responsibility for teaching this course is rotated among the three biology departments. The main objective of this course is to provide students with exposure to a wide diversity of researchers to aid them in their selection of a lab in which to conduct their undergraduate research. The format varies with instructor, but in general, students are asked to select a partner and each pair of students is randomly assigned a class meeting period for which they are responsible for selecting and inviting a researcher to speak to the class and introducing the researcher to the class. Following the research seminar, the class shares refreshments with the speaker. This provides an opportunity for the students to discover how the researcher came to be in his or her current position, etc. This course is required for all biology Honors students. 1 hour, once a week, 1 credit.

Research Courses:

EEB 3899: Independent Study. Undergraduate research is generally conducted under this course number. Most students develop a project of their own after the first semester of work, i.e. once they have developed the necessary laboratory techniques, skills, etc. Grading varies among faculty members. Variable credit; usually 3-4 hours of lab work per week is considered to represent 1 credit of Independent Study.

EEB 4896W: Senior Research Thesis. Honors students are required to complete a thesis. Other students may elect to complete a thesis. The Honors thesis must be read and approved by the thesis advisor and one other faculty member (either the student’s academic advisor if different from the thesis advisor, or a faculty member with expertise in the subject area of the thesis). The Honors thesis format follows that of a Masters thesis in EEB. In addition, students are required to follow thesis guidelines and deadlines established by the Honors office. A copy of the thesis is permanently filed in the Honors Office. 3 credits.

Guidelines for the Preparation of an Undergraduate Thesis in EEB