Summer Classes

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Biology Courses typically offered in the summer at the Storrs Campus are listed below. Courses offered at the regional campuses are limited.


BIOL courses

  • BIOL 1107, Principles of Biology I
  • BIOL 3520W, Ethical Perspectives in Biological Research/Technology (hybrid)

MCB Courses

  • MCB 2000, Introduction to Biochemistry
  • MCB 2210, Cell Biology
  • MCB 2400, Human Genetics (hybrid)
  • MCB 2410, Genetics
  • MCB 2610, Fundamentals of Microbiology
  • MCB 3841W, Research Literature in Molecular and Cell Biology (online)

PNB Courses:

  • PNB 2250, Animal Physiology (online)
  • PNB 2274, Enhanced Human Physiology & Anatomy I
  • PNB 2275, Enhanced Human Physiology & Anatomy II